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About Us

Pharmasave #416 is one of the many pharmacies owned and operated by Rubicon Pharmacies. Rubicon was established in 2005 by three senior executives: Allan Chilton, Blair Pateman, and Robert Gare. Rubicon's head office is located in Weyburn, SK. Pharmasave #416 has been serving the community of Weyburn since 1994. Prior to 1994, it was Price Watchers Drug Mart. Originally owned and operated by Paragon Pharmacy Ltd (est. 1985), it was acquired by Rubicon in 2006

Pharmasave's mission is to provide exceptional service to all those in the communities it serves. Pharmasave has a vision of becoming the best drugstore in each of these communities, and it strongly values integrity, care, respect, and professionalism. Pharmasave stores operate independently, which allows them to tailor their services to their individual communities' needs. Pharmasave has a very complete line of Pharmasave brand health care products. Pharmasave supports charities, health care initiatives, and the community, including Weyburn District United Way, Weyburn District Hospital Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Parkinson Society Canada, Big Brothers and Sisters, Weyburn Young Fellows, and a large variety of local athletic organizations, and various school councils in Weyburn.

Canada's Community Pharmacy